A set of 7 Emeralds to treasure and study.  Great typical emerald inclusions in the natural emeralds and typical growth patterns in the synthetic emeralds.  Each emerald can be seen separately with the associated code for reference.

Emerald details

BE1.1 – Natural Columbian Emerald – 0.65ct

BET1.1 – Natural Oiled Columbian Emerald – 0.5ct

BET1.2 – Natural Impregnated Columbian Emerald – 0.5ct

BES1.1 – Synthetic Hydrothermal Emerald – 0.5ct

BES1.2 – Synthetic Flex-Melt Emerald – 0.9ct

BEP1.1 – Soude Emerald – 1.6ct

BEGTD1.1 – Garnet Topped Doublet – 1.2ct

All gemsets have test sheets available for students or anyone wishing to learn more from the world of gemmology.


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